Professional Photography Studio Available for Rent!

Professional Photography Studio Available for Rent!

Heritage Studio and Gallery is now offering their full professional photography studio for rent!  Come on in and check it out.

• Hours of availability ……Tues-Fri   10am-10pm
Sat.  10am -6pm
• $50.00 per hour. (Minimum 1 hour) Full day discount available.
• Includes use of all props and lighting.
• Full dressing room-make up area.
• Studio size   26’ x 25’

Heritage Studio & Gallery requires each client to fill out a registration form with contact info and valid drivers licsence or other form of ID.

For More Information Contact…

Private dressing room with make-up counter.

Props include furnature….various couches, chairs, and even a bed for “Boudoir sessions”, backdrops,screens and more.

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  1. leamarie nathaniel

    I just have to know if I’m reading this right u really rent out ur studios for 50 an hr an they get full use of ur props? If so that is wonderful I live very close to u an would b very interisted in this. I am just starting out as a new young photographer an am not big enough to have a studio. I would love to come check it out sometime. Please let me know hope to hear back from u.

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