Karen Pierson’s Installation – March 23rd!

Karen Pierson’s Installation – March 23rd!

We are so excited to announce that one of our featured artists, Karen Pierson, has created an installation in our Premier Gallery!  You may recognize Karen’s name as she has many beautiful artworks featured in our gallery ranging from jewelry to paintings and a combination of the two.  So what is an installation?  An installation is an are exhibit where the relation of the parts to the whole is important to the interpretation of the piece.  Karen has been working hard on this installation for a length of time and she is ready to announce that it is finished!  The finished product is a three-dimensional painting you can walk into.  The entire piece was built on site here at Heritage.

Karen’s show will be held the evening of Saturday, March 23rd.  Come walk into a painting where the characters leap out of the canvas to tell you the story.  Discover the magic for yourself and write how the story speaks to you. We will be posting clues to help you on both our website and Facebook page.  Start collecting the clues and then come see the installation for the rest of the information.  Write the story on the night of the opening and submit it to be judged or you can write it at your leisure and send it to gabby@heritagestudioandgallery.com.  The deadline for story submissions is April 12th.  A grand prize will be awarded to the person whose story correlates most closely with the concept of the artist. The winner will receive a voucher of $100 for Karen Pierson’s artwork. We will announce the contest winner on Saturday, April 20th at Heritage Studio and Gallery during our closing reception held from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Come walk through the shadowy world and see what is put before you.  Come find the story and tell us what you see.

Check back often to stay updated on the clues revealing Karen’s creation.  This installation is a unique and interactive experience you don’t want to miss!  See directly below for the most recent clue.

Clues 13 and 14: Trash and Signature Brick – The hideout and the mastermind behind the scenario.

Clues 11 and 12: Half Poem & The Waiting Game – Our perpetrators promise.  Can you put the puzzle together?

Clue 10: Feet.  The fourth and fifth characters. One of which is a victim.

Clue 9: Bottle Alley. Follow the path to danger, but beware of what lies ahead.

Clue 8: Zak.  The third character. A loner, a lunatic, a lost soul.

Clue 7: Bars. Mystery hides behind this door.  Also, a second character.

Clue 6: Teddy Bear and Woman: Both lost but not forgotten.

Clue 5: Arturo. One of the seven characters in our story: a grieving artist.

Clue 4: Sweet Dreams.  It’s a name; it’s a sentiment, and a hope for the future.

Clue 3: Heinous murder was done with this weapon.  Who? Why?…

Clue 2: Step down to witness illicit activity below ground.  What’s going on?..

Clue 1: Rogues Ally is a place where dreams have been lost… stolen from those souls that dared to dream.  This is where our story takes place.


The Installation’s Progression




  1. Michael Teeling

    Pretty cool – anxious to see the progress and how it looks when it is all done!

  2. Sandy Schnur

    I was lucky enough to see the very beginning of this installation. I can’t wait to see the finished work. I’ll be there!

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